Happy Clients

I get so much out of coaching calls with Carol. She uses her wealth of knowledge, experiences and exemplary skills of a coach to draw out ideas, realisations and ‘lightbulb’ moments, which give clarity, motivation and the desire to act upon lessons learnt. In a recent coaching call with Carol, She triggered the desire to restart a book I had been writing and to consistently commit every day so as to actually finish it. She does this through mutually respectful conversation, really listening to my thoughts and ideas and utilising expert and interesting questioning to pinpoint exactly what is needed. She is so talented and I always look forward to where our coaching calls take me. I love having Carol as part of my life and story.

- Tania, Global entrepreneur, Windsor, Berkshire

When identifying a single phrase to describe my experience with Carol, my mind inevitably concludes that she is “a messenger sent from God.” I started my coaching journey with Carol as an NQT in 2008. My goal was to become a senior leader dedicated to transforming lives and improving life chances. Her advice was tailored towards my personal aspirations and provided me with the resources and strategies for success.
Working with Carol has increased my confidence in my own ability and has meant that I was able to secure a senior leader position within 4 years of starting my teaching career. Carol is so gifted at understanding her client’s purpose and helping you to find solutions that will move your career and personal life forward. I leave every conversation feeling empowered and energized, knowing that Carol believes in me and that I have the tools to make good decisions about my career. All of this, in addition to her kindness and friendship, makes recommending Carol to others so important to me and I could not do so more highly.

- Monique, Vice Principal (Secondary), SW London

For a while now I have not been sure about the direction to go in with certain aspects of my life such as my career or my personal relationships.   By listening to me and picking up on key areas, Carol provided the time, support and encouragement for me to stop and think clearly about my actions – how they might be limiting me.  Just taking that time to reflect helped me to achieve some clarity and focus.   Carol made it easier for me to channel my thoughts and actions clearly so I was able to move forward. I thank Carol for her input daily as without her I would still be on a merry-go-round.

- Maxine, Sales Account Administrator, SW London

Talking with Carol has encouraged me to set up my own coaching business.  Her inspirational words have helped me to recognise that I do have the necessary skills and attributes.  Despite all the obstacles I have faced, she constantly makes me feel that ‘YES, I CAN’ do this!

- Joyce, Neighbourhood Housing Manager, West London

‘Have you had dreams in the back of your mind that you just haven’t seemed to fulfil? Are you a creative, who has lots of great ideas but unclear how to execute them? Or do you feel any frustrations with work situations? I had been in this position for a while. I knew what I wanted to achieve but wasn’t 100% clear about how to get there. I was ready to make a change and am so glad that I contacted Carol. I work hard and so was willing to put aside the money to invest in myself…I believe that if you want to truly fulfil your potential, you need a plan in place so that you are clear about what you want for yourself and what you expect from others…Carol is positive, knowledgeable and a good listener. It’s a new year and I’m ready! If you can identify with any of my experience – what are you waiting for? I encourage you to take the first step to a clear plan for achieving your goals. Contact Carol today – you won’t regret it, I didn’t!’

- Kay, Teacher and Entrepreneur, London

My sessions with Carol have taught me to trust my gut and believe in my inner spirituality. They have made me more self-confident and secure in my own knowledge; that I do know my stuff! This has enabled me to be more self-assured and articulate especially when arbitrating on behalf of those I care for.

- Suzanne, Full Time Carer, SE London

My sessions with Carol have really helped me map out my leadership path. I have more clarity in how to be an effective and successful leader. I often struggled with clarity and communication in meetings, not having and setting clear boundaries with my team. However having the coaching sessions with Carol have really helped me overcome these issues. I find that I am growing stronger each day as a leader and becoming more successful as I have been given the tools and understanding on how to approach situations and remain calm, firm and consistent in my approach. Thank you Carol, for creating a non-judgemental and calm space for me to be free and get to solutions that will help me in my leadership.

- Bridget, Curriculum Director of Maths and Enterprise, South London

Carol is a blessing, she is incredibly encouraging and approachable. She has helped shape where I am and who I am today. She is a fantastic coach and I am thankful to have met her.

- Margaret, Middle Leader & Part-time Entrepreneur, Croydon