Carol Shepherd

Supporting you to live the life you deserve

My mission is to help you live the life you deserve in a society that is fair, equal and reflective of the diverse society we live in.

Are you ready to achieve your goals and for you to live out your dreams….simply put…to live the life you deserve?

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We will explore 4 key areas of development in our sessions:


Make Changes

Re-define your limiting beliefs and create positive beliefs about you

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Feel Truly Happy

Plan the process you need to take in order for you to achieve the life you deserve

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Be Empowered

The process of you becoming stronger and more confident, in controlling your life

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Fulfil your potential

Put plans in action that will keep you developing and help you to achieve your dream



An Inspirational & Visionary Coach

Carol has been called inspirational. She has been an extraordinary Senior Leader (Headteacher) in the world of education with over 20 years’ experience; leading, empowering and inspiring thousands of secondary school children, young adults and aspiring leaders.

She led with her vision for creating a better world for all; one where true equality of opportunity for each one of us is the backbone of all she does. She has literally given thousands of students the belief in their abilities and sent them out into the world with the tools needed to succeed. Her work with aspiring leaders has seen other leaders achieve goals they did not think was within their power.

Carol passionately believes in ‘giving back’ and, in supporting others to achieve their dreams. Carol has established a successful coaching consultancy, where she coaches, mentors and trains, with the aim of empowering others to live the life they deserve: having successful businesses, careers, work/life balance and positive relationships.


‘The sessions are making me be more reflective and I feel as if I am moving in the right direction, towards something better…the questions Carol asks have no judgement…she listens, picks up on what you are saying and makes me think in a way I have not done before.’
— Bridget, Curriculum Director of Maths and Enterprise, South London